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White-Label Phone System Support

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Ensure quality support for your MiVoice Connect and MiVoice Business Premise customers with InPath Devices' White-Label support services, helping you navigate challenges and plan for a smooth migration to a new phone system provider when needed.


Discover the significance of providing quality support to MiVoice Connect (ShoreTel) and MiVoice Business Premise customers in maintaining revenue and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Challenges Faced by Mitel Resellers

Explore the difficulties faced by Mitel resellers, especially MiVoice Connect – ShoreTel resellers, in maintaining support due to the loss of critical resources, financial limitations, and training challenges.

InPath Devices: Your Solution for White-Label Support Services

Learn how InPath Devices can help Mitel resellers by offering top-quality White-Label support services for MiVoice Connect and MiVoice Business. Their expert support team based in North America provides three levels of support in both English and Spanish, enabling you to continue providing exceptional service to your customers.

A Range of White Label Support Services

Discover the variety of White Label Support Services offered by InPath Devices, including vacation backup for technicians and year-round support services, all representing your techs and delighting your customers.

Seamless Migration with White-Label Migration Services

When the time comes for your customers to migrate to a new phone system provider, InPath Devices is ready to assist with White-Label Migration Services. As a RingCentral Certified Delivery Partner, they can manage your customer’s migration to RingCentral, providing an additional revenue stream and ensuring a smooth transition for your customers.

Planning for the Future: Navigating the “End of Support” for ShoreTel (Mitel Connect)

With the ShoreTel (Mitel Connect) line coming to an “End of Support” in just six years, it’s essential to have a plan in place. InPath Devices can help you navigate this challenge and support your business every step of the way.

Contact InPath Devices Today

Reach out to InPath Devices to learn more about their White Label Services for ShoreTel (Mitel Connect) Resellers by sending an email to or calling 800-988-1914. Secure quality support for your MiVoice Connect and MiVoice Business Premise customers and ensure the success of your business.

Table of Contents

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