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Omaha Communications provides IT solutions including phone systems, networks, firewalls, and SIP solutions. Founded in 1994, they aim to empower clients with internet and Voiceover IP technology from their headquarters in Omaha.


Innovation and Customization for the Past, Present & Future

Omaha Communications installed a tool room tracking system at Loral Aerospace in Palo Alto, CA. Loral specializes in spacecraft and communications satellite development, which requires pricey tools costing up to millions of dollars. The software tracks the equipment's location and expense allocation on a departmental basis.
Omaha Communications invented the first USB Barcode System for Apple's iMac G3 factory line. The idea arose due to the lack of USB port compatible barcode readers. Apple then contacted Omaha who promptly developed a solution that became Omaha's best-selling product until 2000. Coinciding with its barcode system, Omaha Communications also partnered with NBX Corporation in 1999 to establish the first Voice over IP PBX in Nebraska. Their collaboration resulted in Omaha Communications becoming one of the biggest NBX resellers in the U.S. by 2002.
Omaha Communications installed Nebraska's first multi-site VoIP PBX at Kohll's Pharmacy in 2001. Kohll's used it until 2016 when they upgraded to a ShoreTel Connect Cloud solution, freeing up their IT resources and accessing additional features without upfront costs or maintenance.
Omaha Communications proposed a $1 million package tracking system for Cooper Lighting, but after discovering that the system was only needed to meet labeling requirements for retail chains, they suggested a less expensive alternative solution instead of developing the expensive tracking system.
Omaha Communications developed a tire tracking system for Pirelli Tires to meet Ford's specifications after deadly rollovers involving Ford Explorers. Pirelli struggled to find a vendor who could create approved software until they contacted Omaha Communications who successfully created the needed software under budget and ahead of schedule. The success was attributed to prioritizing business processes over technology.
Omaha Communications created a package tracking system for Nebraska Medicine. The system includes software and hardware. It ensures timely delivery of important packages. The hospital treats patients and conducts life-saving medical research. The tracking system is critical to their success. Omaha Communications has also created other applications for Nebraska Medicine which they use daily.
Omaha Communications is recognized as the largest 3Com NBX Reseller in the United States The NBX was the first commercially available VoIP PBX designed for the SMB (5 to 5000 user) market. InPath sold and serviced over 5000 systems nationwide and was a Gold Level Reseller for almost ten years.
Omaha Communications sells NBX phone equipment to USAID who installs them at locations world-wide USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential. USAID works in over 100 promoting broad-scale human progress at the same time it expands stable, free societies creates markets and trade partners for the United States, and fosters goodwill abroad.
Omaha Communications becomes the largest ShoreTel reseller in the Tri-State area The NBX Phone System is discontinued as a result of HP’s acquisition of 3Com. So, Omaha Communications adopts ShoreTel’s “Brilliantly Simple” VoIP Unified Communications platform and begins mapping a migration strategy for our loyal customers than technology.
Omaha Communications is committed to being environmentally responsible. They used to repurpose NBX phone equipment, but now receive too much to handle. Therefore, they have started a recycle and recovery program that saves outdated NBX phones and components from landfills and recovers scarce resources at green recycling centres.
Hewlett Packard discontinues the VCX Enterprise VoIP platform and Omaha Communications embraces the ShoreTel Enterprise solution. Omaha Communications reacts to HP’s decision to discontinue support for the 3Com VCX Enterprise VoIP platform by embracing ShoreTel’s “Brilliantly Simple” scalable Enterprise VoIP platform.
Omaha Communications Sells our first Cloud-Based (Hosted) Phone System Omaha Communications embraces “tomorrow’s technology” and sells its first “Cloud-Based” Phone system. Omaha Communications now offers a complete portfolio of solutions – Hosted, Premise and Hybrid – that we can tailor to the specific needs of our clients.
North Carolina OutBound now has a multi-site hosted phone system with guaranteed QoS for 400 users. Despite Omaha Communications' previous hesitations due to QoS issues, ShoreTel's new nationwide network has allowed them to offer all the benefits of the hosted solution.
We updated the communication system and added security features at the Omaha Jewish Community Center campus. This modern facility includes a health club, Omaha Jewish Federation offices, Omaha Jewish Community Center, and Rose Blumkin Jewish Home for the Elderly. Our highly integrated and updated system includes automatic and simultaneous notification for security emergencies, integrated security, phone and intercom systems, and automatic door lockdown.
Omaha Communications installs first Hybrid ShoreTel System in K-12 school. Hybrid VoIP combines hosted and premise-based systems to meet client's communication needs, giving them the advantages of both from one interactive phone system. This is the first ShoreTel Hybrid phone system installed in a school and one of the earliest sold to a customer.
Omaha Communications begins selling the Mitel Mivoice solutions for desktops, premise and hosted. Mitel is a $2 Billion Telecom provider – the third-largest in the US.
Omaha Communications offers DIFM (Do It For Me) solutions for households that want help installing Home Automation and Home Security Technology.
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