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NBX to Cloud PBX

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Upgrade your business communication system from traditional NBX to flexible and feature-rich cloud-based solutions like RingCentral and NEC Univerge Blue with expert installation and ongoing support from Omaha Communications.

Upgrade Your Communication System: Say Goodbye to NBX and Embrace Cloud-based Solutions


If your business is still relying on an NBX phone system, it’s time to upgrade to a more modern and efficient communication solution offered by Omaha Communications.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Communication Solutions

Discover the numerous benefits of cloud-based communication solutions like RingCentral and NEC Univerge Blue over traditional NBX systems, including flexibility, scalability, and access to advanced features like video conferencing and team messaging.

Easy Management and Maintenance

Learn how cloud-based systems reduce the burden of management and maintenance, eliminating the need for an on-premise IT team, and allowing your business to focus on more critical tasks.

Expert Installation and Ongoing Support

Explore the seamless and hassle-free transition from your old NBX system to a cloud-based solution, thanks to Omaha Communications’ expert installation and setup services. Their experienced technicians will customize your solution to meet your specific business needs, and provide ongoing support to ensure smooth communication operations.

Embrace the Future of Communication Technology

Contact Omaha Communications today to upgrade your business communication system to a more modern and efficient cloud-based solution, empowering your team to stay connected and productive without limitations.

Table of Contents

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