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Omaha Communications has been providing innovative communications solutions for over 25 years. We installed the very first VoIP phone system in Omaha in 1999.

Our hosted solution gives small and medium businesses access to a phone system with the power of systems until recently available to companies 50x their size. These hosted solution gives your team the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. A fully integrated service can be used with a desk phone, a softphone on your computer, laptop or mobile app.


Get a New Hosted Business Phone System for no Money Down in 3 Easy steps

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Get a free professional communication “Needs Analysis” and a Customized Quote from our local team of experienced engineers
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Design & installation
Work with Your Omaha Communications Hosted Telephony specialists to Design and Configure Phone System Tailored to your organization's needs
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Set up
Start Communicating — Omaha Communications can even help with the onsite install and staff training. And there is a wealth of training resources available to customers online as well.


A phone solution for the entire company

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Unlimited phone service
You Service includes Unlimited free calls throughout North America (The United States, Mexico and Canada) and India. As well as over 20 more countries worldwide.
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Use unique DIDs to Track & Quantify the Success of Marketing Campaigns
Use unique phone numbers on your marketing campaigns to track the success (and failure) of your campaigns.
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Call recording
Record phone calls. You can use the recordings to coach your team more effectively, capture customer details that you might miss without review.
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Easy administration
Our easy to use Online Portal is available 24/7/365 with Premium support. Also, you can do any changes and updates from your computer anytime.
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Flexible voice mail delivery
All your voice mails are converted to an audio file and automatically sent as an attachment to your Email. They are accessible from your phone, desktop or mobile devices as well.
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Customized After Hours, Welcome and Holiday greeting
Create automatic after-hours greetings based on your business hours, unique welcome and specialized holiday greetings.
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Powerful messaging
SMS and Web Chat is fully integrated with your business phone service. Receive and send chats from your phone number.
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Analyze Your Telephony Usage
Generate reports to identify trends, analyze activity and get more out of a business phone system and create business insight to events that drive your business success.
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Host chat on your website
Save hundreds of dollars every year by embedding the included chat client on your website.
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Work from anywhere or any place with the integrated mobile app for IOS and Android.
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Just one phone number for all devices
One phone number can ring on your desk phone, mobile phone or even on your computer.
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Recording music or audio on hold
Upload your own audio music file or message for your callers to listen to while they are on hold.


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The institutions we work with to provide best communication and safety solutions

Small & medium businesses
Small & medium businesses
Most effective telephony tools to stay in touch and stay competitive
manufacturing networks
Communicate on the factory floor or out in the field
Increase efficiencies and improve teacher and student relationships
phone systems and networks for healthcare organizations
Ensure that patients get the right information at the right time
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Maintain a polished and professional image in the law field
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We replace your leased equipment with true Enterprise quality wireless one
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Home Wi-Fi
Adapting networks and systems for large and difficult homes

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