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Wireless networks design and installation

Secure and safe Wi-Fi network

Omaha Communications designs, builds and configures
a secure, reliable and safe Wi-Fi network that meets the needs of your business. Whether you need wireless in a single office or across a sprawling campus we are here to help.

Reliable coverage within every environment

Our technology will provide complete coverage across your entire office or campus without dead spots or buffering. These systems are designed to work in dense workplaces across multiple floors and in even the most challenging environments.

Wireless networks design and installation
Wireless networks design and installation

Strengthen the conversation

Our wireless networks design and installation can connect your Wi-Fi users to your network and bridge Wi-Fi connections to connect remote buildings and facilities. Our techs specialize in wireless networks design and installation, Wi-Fi networks for Small and Medium Businesses and K-12 Schools. We’ll also set up networks with secure “guest networks” so you can share your internet access with your clients.

We support networks from

partner1 wireless | Phone Systems and Data Cabling
partner2 wireless | Phone Systems and Data Cabling
partner3 wireless | Phone Systems and Data Cabling
partner4 wireless | Phone Systems and Data Cabling


The institutions we work with to provide best communication and safety solutions

Small & medium businesses
Small & medium businesses
Most effective telephony tools to stay in touch and stay competitive
manufacturing networks
Communicate on the factory floor or out in the field
Increase efficiencies and improve teacher, parent and student relationships
phone systems and networks for healthcare organizations
Ensure that patients get the right information at the right time
phone systems and networks for legal organizations
Maintain a polished and professional image in the law field
phone systems for hotels
We replace your leased equipment with true Enterprise quality wireless one
Home Wi-Fi
Home Wi-Fi
Adapting networks and systems for large and difficult homes

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