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Network cabling, fiber and infrastructure

Our mission is to build a network that lasts and makes your IT staff look like heroes

Every wired network starts with its cable infrastructure. Ultimately the cabling infrastructure controls the reliability and capacity of the network. Designing and building an effective and efficient network infrastructure is a highly complicated and technical job. And that is where the cabling experts at Omaha Communications can help.

We will survey your physical premise design a wired network infrastructure cabling that meets your organization's specific needs and requirements.

Every network line is toned, tested and labelled to ensure a reliable and trouble-free network

Omaha Communications is a leading provider of affordable network wiring and structured cabling solutions. We specialize in network wiring, copper cable (Cat 5e, Cat 6), fiber optic cable, new office wiring, cubicle wiring, remodelling wiring, data drops, voice, data, security camera wiring, and any other IT wiring.

Every network line is fully terminated, toned and tested to ensure reliable network operation. We work directly with end-users and we subcontract for General Contractors and Electrical Contractors as well.


Network services and cabling

Whether it is a complete warehouse build-out or just adding an office cubicle – Omaha Communications can solve your network infrastructure problems.

Commercial network
data cabling

Cat 3, Cat 5, and Cat 6
Building to building
Cabling repairs
For wireless access points
For security cameras
Network design
Office cubicles
New and old buildings
Single and multiple floors
Voice and data cabling
Fax machines
Low-voltage wiring
Adds, moves, and changes
Single and Multi-mode fiber optic cabling
RG6 Coax (for cable TV, security cams, etc)
Cable management, trim and cleanup

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