Upgrading from ShoreTel 14.2 to Mitel Connect

Companies running ShoreTel 14.2 or earlier Software need to start making plans to upgrade to the new MiVoice Connect Software or MiCloud Connect before support for ShoreTel 14.2 is discontinued in 2020.

The upgrade to Mitel Connect brings a great deal of expanded and improved features to the ShoreTel System. But, the upgrade is complicated and can be very frustrating if performed by an inexperienced team.

The InPath Upgrade Team has experience upgrading hundreds of ShoreTel systems to Mitel MiVoice Connect. Most of these upgrades have been performed remotely and after hours. This experience gives our team a big advantage when performing upgrades. Our team’s experience means you can expect a faster, more reliable and trouble-free upgrade.

To get a free evaluation and estimate for upgrading your ShoreTel phone System to Mitel MiVoice Connect, contact one of our experienced Mitel technicians today at 800-884-6945 or sales@omahacommunications.com

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