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Installing the Ring.com system

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Ring Security Cameras, Alarm and Lighting

Omaha Communications proudly designs and implements Alarm Systems, Security Lighting and Security Cameras from the Ring Security System. Ring is dedicated to creating safer homes, businesses and neighbourhoods. While Ring’s primary mission is safety and security it also can do a lot to make users lives more convenient as well.

Ring was originally conceived to “make the 21st century doorbell”. But, it is more than that. It is like “caller ID” for your door. The Ring doorbell lets you screen who is at your door, and decide if you do, or do not, want to talk to them. It’s kind of like “caller ID” for your door!

How Ring.com works

Nowadays Ring is about a lot more than doorbells. Ring provides video doorbells, video cameras, smart security lighting and alarm system. Ring also stores your videos in the cloud and provides dispatch services to notify first responders (police and/or fire) in the event of an emergency.

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Security cameras
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Security lighting
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Security Cameras and Video Doorbells

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Ring has a complete line of video cameras for securing your home. Ring Cameras include features like night/day vision, HD video storage, two-way communication, integrated internal and external lighting and sirens. They have cameras specialized for outdoors, and cameras specialized for indoors, and some that do both.

Some work off wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and others are wired, and some are both. Some cameras work off of Power Over Ethernet (POE). Some are powered by solar. Some use USB power. Others are powered by regular AC voltage and some rely on removable power packs.

Yes, it's complicated!

Using the Ring Security System is easy. But, it still takes experience and expertise to design and implement a well designed and reliable security system. Choosing the right security cameras or alarms sensor is important to making the right installation. And without experience this can be hard – take our word for it!

The experts from Omaha Communications Security team can help! We will go over your options and help you make the right decisions and help you design the most effective security system for your installation. We can also help you decide the best location to place and aim your cameras.

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Ring Alarm Systems

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Ring Alarm takes security to the next level. It doesn’t just monitor your premise with video. It actively detects emergent events at your property like fire or intrusion. If a fire or intrusion is detected Ring can automatically notify first responders (Police and Fire) over a cellular network (no telephone line is required to notify first responders). The requires optional Professional Monitoring.

Ring alarms can also detect damaging nuisances at your home like freezing or floods inside your home. A prompt response to freezing or flooding in your home or business can save you thousands of dollar in costs related to things like mold or frozen pipes. In these cases, you will be notified within your application – but first responders will not be notified.

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Ring Lighting

Ring also provides a complete line of security lighting. The lights can be completely controlled and monitored from anywhere within the Ring App. You can use Ring Lighting modules or buy a Ring Controller which will control standard low voltage lighting systems to enable you to control your current lights in the applications.

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Professional installation saves your money

Unlimited cameras
at one location

$10/ MONTH

or $100 / YEAR

The alarm and as many cameras as you want

The professional alarm monitoring and video storage for unlimited cameras at one location are all included for just $10/month or $100/year! That is BOTH the alarm and as many cameras as you want!

Compared to a typically professionally monitored security cameras and alarms with the cellular backup, you will save about $50/month! And if storage in the cloud for your security cameras typically would cost another $50/month. You can easily save over a thousand dollars a year on your alarm system’s professional monitoring and security video.


If I already have security cameras with a video recorder do I need to replace them to install a Ring Alarm?

You do not have to replace your existing security cameras and alarms to install a Ring Alarm. The Ring Alarm can act independent of cameras. However, you may want to upgrade to Ring Cameras for the features. And if you have hardwired cameras you most probably can use your existing infrastructure for hardwired cameras. The advantage is you will have your recordings hosted in the cloud and access to the ever improving Ring interface and feature set. If you can already access your videos online you are already probably paying to “host” your videos on the internet. Since the fee for Professional Ring Monitoring includes unlimited hosted video storage for 60 days and remote access on your iPhone or Android device – you might save money in the long term by upgrading your cameras to Ring.

Does Omaha Communications offer support plans for Ring Alarms and cameras?

Omaha Communications does offer service plans which include an annual review of your system as well as recommended battery changes. Technical phone support is available for free from Ring as long as you maintain your Professional Ring Monitoring for the cost of just $100/year or $10/month. InPath can provide support plans where we provide either first level or second level support. Second level support means we help you escalate difficult support calls after you make an effort to solve them with Ring support on your own.

Do I have to have my Ring Alarm and video system designed and professionally installed by Omaha Communications?

Professional installation and design are not required. Ring is designed for possible DIY installation. But, we recommend using one of our experienced professional installers and designers to get the most out of your system.

Will Ring store my videos in the cloud?

Your videos from any door bell rings, motion alerts or “live views” will be recorded and saved for 60 days. Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud for up to 60 days (in the USA). To keep important videos beyond 60 days, download them to your PC or mobile device. If you want to store a video for more than 60 days you can easily download it to your computer.

How much does it cost to install Ring a ring doorbell?

  • The standard charge installing a Ring Device (like a doorbell) is $74.95.
  • Installation for a doorbell includes:
    • Unwire and remove your existing doorbell
    • Mount, drill and wire your Ring Video Doorbell Pro
    • Ring app and Neighborhood app configuration
  • Exceptions (additional charges may apply):
    • Installations on metal, marble, or glass surfaces not included or may be extra
    • Hardwired ethernet installations (Ring Video Doorbell Elite) require an active ethernet port with POE at the point of installation
    • WiFi assessment and recommendation to optimize video performance
    • Note: You will need a working wired doorbell, with a doorbell transformer that reliably supplies 16V to 24 Volts. For best results, ensure a strong WiFi signal at location of installation.

What about “Freeze” or “Water/Flooding” detection?

The Ring does offer a device which will monitor your home or business in the event that it experiences low (freezing) temperatures or flooding while you are away. If these are activated you will be notified on your app so you can react. This will not trigger notification to police or fire.

Do I need a phone line for the alarm to notify the authorities in the event of an emergency?

A phone line is not required. Ring sends out notifications through your internet connection. Iff that fails it sends our notifications through a built in cellular modem that comes with the Ring system.

Will the alarm notify the police or fire department in the event of a burglary or fire?

The alarm will notify the police or fire department if you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus. The cost of Ring Protect Plus is $10 month or $100/year. With Ring Protect Plus you get Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring plus 60 days unlimited storage for your Ring video recording devices. You also get a hardware warranty on your Ring equipment if you buy the Ring Protect Plus services from the outset.

How does the Ring Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors work?

There are two ways to monitor smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detection. One is to use a Z-wave compatible detector. But, Ring also offers another very innovative solution. You can use your existing standards-based Smoke Detector in conjunction with a Ring “listening device”. When the listening device detects the sound of a triggered alarm it will notify the Fire Department (and you on the app). There are a lot of reasons you might want to have the freedom to select your own smoke detector. People have preferred brands. Some have preferred feature (such as spoken commands like “Fire” or “Battery is low”. And some houses are pre-wired with “hard-wired” Smoke and/or Carbon Monoxide detectors. The listening device also has a three-year battery life – which is longer than most smoke detectors.

Does the fee for the Ring Protect Plus go to Omaha Communications?

No, the Ring Protect Plus fee goes directly to Ring.com.

What does it cost to install other devices?

  • The cost of installing other devices depends on the details of the configuration and thing like whether the device connects via hardwired Ethernet, WiFi, Zwave or USB. For a free estimate of an installation at your home or small business call us at 402-346-0200 for a free site assessment
  • 3rd party Ring zwave “Dome” Siren. https://shop.ring.com/collections/security-system/products/dome-siren
  • 3rd party (not certified) zwave strobe:

Can I control my existing outdoor low voltage lighting with the Ring App

Yes, you can control your own low voltage lighting using the “Ring Smart Lighting Transformer" and check these out pages for more info: https://shop.ring.com/products/smart-lighting-transformer https://shop.ring.com/products/smart-lighting-transformer-bridge


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