3Com NBX Version R6.0 Site License 3C10503



  • 3Com NBX V6.0 New Features
  • Support for the new NBX V3000 BRI-ST (3C10601A) is a new platform with integrated BRI-ST serving customers in Europe
  • Supports the new new ISDN BRI-ST (3C10164D-ST) four-port trunk card helps meet customer requirements for connectivity and supports all the available audio compression codecs of the NBX platform, including G.729a NBX V6.0


The 3Com 3C10503 V6.0 is a Single-Site Upgrade to NBX R6.0 System Software License for NBX 100, NBX V3000, and V5000 NBX platforms. License includes right-to-use licenses and keys for R5.0 and R6.0.

What if my customer has R4.x Will they have to upgrade to R5.0 before they install R6.0?

Existing R4.x customers must purchase the R6.0 keycode (3C10503). R6.0 upgrade includes R5.0 license! So customers with R4.x and higher can be upgraded to R6.0 with a single keycode and software download.

NBX R6.0 extends the proud tradition of interoperability

  • Seamlessly call between NBX and VCX systems
  • Support additional 3rd party telephones and devices
  • Support for 3Com’s award winning IP telephony software applications
  • Support for IP trunking to CO
  • Support for 3Com VCX gateways
  • Continued support for existing 3rd party integrations

How does the NBX do it? Through the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which has become the de facto standard for telecom, enabling a common application-level language to communicate among platforms, end points, and applications.

Enhanced support for visual, hearing, and mobility impaired users is included in NBX R6.0. The NBX is one of the first IP telephony systems serving the SMB space to comply with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act (known as 508 compliance) providing government required technology support for disabled users. Utility software eases the task of performing backups and implementing a dialing plan across multiple locations.

Customer Care

The embedded NBX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) call center feature first introduced in R5.0 has been greatly enhanced in Release 6.0. Two new routing algorithms (Calling Group and Least Call Count) now bring the number of selectable routing algorithms to five. Supervisors have the ability to monitor agents via Windows? Desktop Statistics software that shows relevant near real time queue and timing data. All this in an embedded, software-only ACD that requires no wall boards, third-party applications or server integration. Companies can provide their customers with more information and options while they are waiting on the phone, improve agent efficiency, and generate additional revenue. Users can enjoy better audio quality than virtually any other phone system in the market with 3Com wide band audio.


The new 3108 Wireless Phone (3C10408A) is an 802.11 b/g compliant device that delivers wireless voice capabilities from a flip form factor phone device. The 3108 fully integrates with 3Com VCX? IP Telephony platform, or with the NBX Release 6 running in SIP mode and with wireless access points and switches. A Group 1 phone license required for operation with NBX.


An array of new features enhance the serviceability of the NBX platform for large and multiple sites deployments. The new V3001R (3C10602A) provides a platform with redundant, hot-swappable hard drives and dual power supplies.  For network management, the NBX can be managed like a standards-based network device with the inclusion SNMPv3, Syslog and SNTP. An updated NetSet? browser-based portal enhances the usability of the system for changes.


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