3Com NBX Phone Power Module – Refurb 3CNJVOIPMOD-NBX



  • Converts the voltage and signal detection of the incoming 802.3af Power over Ethernet to match those required by prestandard NBX phones
  • Supports Category 5 or 5e Ethernet cabling without impacting the speed or quality of voice or data traffic
  • Low-profile module installs easily under the NBX phone base or inside the NBX Wall Mount Bracket (3C10247)
  • Effortlessly integrates with power devices, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), in the wiring closet


The 3CNJVOIPMOD-NBX modules provides 802.3af PoE support for non-PE 3Com NBX phones. ALL 3Com NBX Phones support Power over Ethernet, both 3Com NBX legacy and the new 802.3af standard. 3Com Legacy POE is supported with the use of a power splitter (3C10223) on ALL existing and new phones.  802.3af is supported on ALL existing NBX phones that are not version PE, with the use of a Power Module (3CNJVOIPMOD-NBX).  802.3af will be supported in the new PE versions of NBX phones directly.



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Weight 1 kg