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Does your Hotel or Motel provide wireless using equipment leased from your internet provider? If so you are probably paying $100s or thousands of dollars too much every month.

Omaha Communications can replace your leased equipment with true Enterprise quality wireless equipment that will provide years of reliable and trouble-free Wi-Fi for your guests at a fraction of the price that you pay your internet provider. And you will own the equipment. Typical payback periods for the equipment is often as short as a year (and the equipment has a lifetime of over ten years).

We also offer special financing for hotels and motels that will make replacing your leased equipment even more painless.


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Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare

Wireless Network design
Hosted Phone System installation

We have been an Omaha Communications customer for nearly 15 years. They helped us make the move from a Premises Based PBX to a Cloud Hosted model recently where we no longer need to maintain anything phone related. If we have an issue or want to change a speed dial we simply pick up the phone and hit the help button.

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AOF Restaurant

Security Network design
Premise Phone System installation

Our catering and restaurant services business has grown dramatically over the past year. When we outgrew our phone system we reached out to the folks at Omaha Communications. They took the time to get to know our business and helped us design and implement a system that meets our current needs and can scale to accommodate our future plans for growth.

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