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We are Omaha Communications

Omaha Communications was founded in 1994 with the mission to enable our clients to leverage the emerging power of the Internet and Voiceover IP technology (information technology solutions).

With our headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, Omaha Communications has a long history of innovating for our customers and implementing cutting edge information technology solutions that advance their business processes.

Omaha Communications offers a full range of Information Technology solutions to our clients including phone systems, wireless and wired networks, firewalls and SIP Solutions.


Past, present & future...


Innovation and сustomization
for the past, present & future

The dedicated team at Omaha Communications strives to provide our valued customers with innovative and customized information technology solutions that meet the needs of their business.

With history of problem solving, we have developed and implemented countless valuable information technology solutions for our customers throughout the years.

team member
Mark Marshall
team member
Diana Knapp
Director of Operations
team member
Justin Allen
Senior Support Engineer
ribbon | Phone Systems and Data Cabling
team member
Tony Barnes
IT Solutions Architect
ribbon | Phone Systems and Data Cabling
team member
Tyler Peiper
Support Engineer
team member
Tim Alexander
Help Desk Specialist
team member
Patrick Johnston
Premise Security Specialist
team member
T.J. Jewell
Cable Tech & Repair Specialist
team member
Brandon Bartunek
Cable Tech & Repair Specialist
team member
Denise Yee
Digital Marketing Specialist
ribbon | Phone Systems and Data Cabling

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