Migrating from Mitel Hosted to RingCentral

An Important Message to InPath’s “Mitel Hosted” customers.

When InPath originally introduced you to Mitel Hosted solutions it was a pioneer and leader in hosted telephone systems (now called UCAAS). However, over the years Mitel’s hosted offering “fell behind” and experience problems with down time.

Other providers grew and became better and better. The top ranked (by far) and best known hosted UCAAS provider is RingCentral.

Mitel has decided to stop providing UCAAS market with its own product. Instead, it will transition its customers to #1 ranked RingCentral.

To facilitate that transition Mitel and RingCentral have put into place an aggressive program to reward Mitel Customers that begin their transition in 2022. This incentives include:

  1. Waiving Mitel’s ETF (Early Termination Fees)

  2. Up to 3 months free service (this helps offset the transition costs to the new platform)

  3. Price Match – (your per user cost for RingCentral will match your Mitel Price).

  4. Most customers are eligible for “rent-free” RingCentral phones.

Over 20% of our customers that transitioned reduced their monthly spend by moving to RingCentral because features that they current pay extra for are built into the RingCentral System (including call recording, voice message transcription, free eFax service and SMS capable phone numbers).

Transitioning before contract renewal also allows you to lock in your current rates for years to come (there are already otherwise substantial rate increases in store for current customers at renewal time.

InPath is a RingCentral Certified Delivery Partner which means we can help your company every step of the way to make your transition to RingCentral seamless and nearly effortless.

RingCentral is a premium UCAAS provider which typical bills as much 30% more than Mitel for its service. Now you can lock in your low Mitel rates at RingCentral for years to come.

To find out more about how to transition your hosted service to RingCentral and take advantage of these special incentives contact sales@inpath.com or call us at 402-345-9200 or 800-988-1914. Ask to find out more about the Mitel to RingCentral Migration.

Mitel to RingCentral Migration FAQs:

Q: Do we need to wait to migrate to RingCentral?

A: No, your company can migrate from Mitel to RingCentral today.

Q: Will we be charged an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if we migrate from Mitel to RingCentral?

A: No, Mitel will waive your ETF as long as you do the transition through your Mitel Partner.

Q: Can we use our Mitel phones on RingCentral?

A: Sometimes yes. But usually you cannot use your Mitel phones on RingCentral. The Mitel 69xx phones are (mostly) compatible with RingCentral. The “400” and “200” series phones are not. But, regardless you are most likely eligible for a free phone rental with RingCentral. RingCentral offers a wide variety of excellent phones from top providers including Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream and Avaya (to name a few).

Q: Will we be able to keep our current number?

A: Absolutely. Porting numbers from Mitel to RingCental is part of the migration. Our Techs can help you with the transition

Mitel MiCloud Customer Migration Incentives. To validate if eligible for available migration incentives, speak to your Mitel Representative prior to executing a contract with RingCentral on RingCentral’s standard terms and conditions (“MVP agreement").
1 Mitel Incentive – Waiver of Early Termination Fees
For Mitel to consider the waiver of Early Termination Fees, a customer must purchase MVP digital lines equal to or greater than the total active profiles Customer has with Mitel as of the date of Customer’s MVP agreement (excludes customers (a) under an existing agreement for phased deployment with Mitel, or (b) that have not yet activated their Mitel cloud services). Additional conditions apply.
2 RingCentral Incentive – Up to 3 Months Free of MVP Service
Review terms at https://assets.ringcentral.com/us/terms-and-conditions/22q4-mitel-cloud-promotion.pdf
3 Mitel Incentive – RingCentral MVP Compatible Phone for Eligible Mitel MiCloud Customers Terms & Conditions: Promotion is for Mitel to provide a RingCentral MVP compatible phone(s) to all qualified participants. To qualify for this offer, customer must: 1) be a current Mitel cloud customer on MiCloud Connect, SKY, MiCloud Flex (retail), MiCloud Office or MiCloud Business with hardware endpoints on a rental agreement; 2) execute a minimum 1-year initial term MVP agreement for RingCentral MVP subscription plan service between October 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 for at least the equivalent number of active profiles that Customer has with Mitel as of the date of Customer’s MVP agreement; 3) be a new RingCentral customer (as determined by RingCentral); and 4) be located in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. Mitel, at its discretion, shall either transfer title to an existing Mitel rental phone or provide a new Mitel phone for each digital line identified on the initial order form with RingCentral for the MVP service (RingCentral MVP Standard Tier or higher). Customer shall execute such further and other documentation with Mitel as required, and agree to all Mitel terms set out therein, in order to receive title to the phone(s). Early termination or other changes to the customer’s RingCentral MVP plan may be subject to additional fees and/or hardware charges by either/both Mitel and RingCentral. The phone(s) provided to customer is at Mitel’s discretion. Additional shipping charges may apply. Mitel unconditionally reserves the right to alter, amend, or cancel this promotion at any time at its sole discretion. In the case of any dispute with respect to the promotion, Mitel’s decision is final. Void where prohibited by law.
4 RingCental Incentive – Special Mitel Pricing
For consideration of special pricing, customer must meet specific conditions prior to execution of a MVP agreement. Conditions available from Mitel representative.

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