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You don’t have complete reliable coverage throughout your house

Sometimes the connection slows down or does not work at all
You might be using multiple access points with different names
Your network might drop when moving from one house part to another or you might need to join another network
Every week you probably need to restart your access point to restore reliable speed
Wi-Fi networks are often not fully secure which can expose your network to hacking, intrusions, and expose you to liability

Wi-Fi is an Art – not a science

Wi-Fi installation is more of an Art than a Science. Experience helps layout better designs – but ultimately the only way to ensure reliable results is to thoroughly test every installation.

Sometimes even well-designed installations still require tweaks to reach peak performance. This can be as simple as relocating or repositioning an AP, and sometimes additional resources are needed.

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Omaha Communications – a division of InPath

We have specialized in solving difficult network problems with simple solutions since 1994 – over 25 years! We know that our reputation depends on good outcomes and we promise to do our best for our customers.

We back up that promise
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Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Modern homes are also filled with devices that depend on data from the internet. These ranges include Smart Thermostats, Smart Lighting, online Doorbells, IP Cameras, Electronic Personal Assistant (like Alexa), and more. As we fill our homes with more and more of these conveniences Wi-Fi becomes even more essential.

Wi-Fi is the newest “Essential Utility”

Reliable Wi-Fi is more important than ever. In the age of information, the Internet has emerged as the Fifth Essential Utility (gas, water, electricity, telephone, and Wi-Fi/internet). Modern homes depend more on reliable WiFi.

For many, our homes have become a secondary workplace. For some, it has become the primary workplace! Our kids require the internet for school work and classes. More and more our entertainment also relies on streaming the Internet as well.

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We have the answer for reliable, secure Home Wi-Fi with total coverage for all types of homes

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When we started designing and installing Wi-Fi solutions in homes most of our Wi-Fi installations were in “exceptional” larger homes (larger than 4000+ SF). Most people in smaller homes would install a wireless router and they settle for whatever the coverage that is offered. But as Wi-Fi became more important full home coverage became more important as well. At first, the common reaction was to add more Access Points or “Range Extenders” and the like. But these rarely worked well and seldom made the homeowners happy.

Meanwhile, homes got bigger (according to the 2019 Census the Median Home nationally is over 2300 SF). And Wi-Fi continued to become more important as well. The result is that unreliable Wi-Fi networks and poor Wi-Fi coverage has become a problem for the “everyman”.

But, the “range extenders” and “extra AP’s” and other “home remedies” do not solve the problem. Homeowners now are looking for help.

Sometimes you don’t want to “Do It Yourself” – call an expert

Homeowners become frustrated trying to solve their Wi-Fi network problems by themselves and often even when working with professionals. We talk to customers all the time that tried all the “mainstream” and “off the shelf” solutions from the “Big Box” stores. They attempt to solve the problems with multiple AP’s, range extenders, mesh networks, etc. The results are very often miserable networks that are complicated and not reliable over time or which never even work in the first place.

Omaha Communications solutions are different – our solutions are designed to provide total home coverage that is secure, reliable, and simple.

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Omaha Communications Wi-Fi System Architecture

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The network we install in your home will first and foremost be simple to use. larger homes frequently require multiple “Access Point” to provide complete and reliable coverage. But, no matter how many physical access points are required there will just be one Wi-Fi network (SSID) to connect to no matter where you are in the house.

You can move throughout the house and the network will intelligently connect you to the best Access Point. Everything
is automatic and seamless.

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We will build a network that meets your needs
We will set up a “secure” internal network to give the features your family need. We can also set up a Guest Network that gives people outside the family protected and secure access to the internet but with limited resources.
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You’ll see it works before you buy
We will send a tech to your home to set up a temporary network to demonstrate how differently our networks perform. The Demo network will allow you to use the network in the real-world.
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Satisfaction with your new Wi-Fi network is guaranteed
If you are not satisfied after installation, you could be refunded within 30 days with the total cost of the Wireless components and configuration. The physical cabling or infrastructure may not be included.
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Ongoing maintenance and support

After installation, we test your coverage, make required tweaks, or add resources if needed. We know that our reputation depends on good outcomes and we always do our best for our customers. And that is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We provide annual remote maintenance for those who need ongoing support for their Wi-Fi network.

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