Wall-to-wall, secure,
reliable and safe Wi-Fi

We specialize in adapting systems for large and difficult homes


Design, installation and configuration

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Say goodbye to dead spots & buffering
Our system will deliver secure and fast reliable Wi-Fi in everyone room in your home – no more dead spots. Even in homes 6000+ SF. And no expensive wiring is required.
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Lock-down your data network
We are installing Wi-Fi data networks with essential data tools that keep your family safe. Available tools include threat scans, content warnings and ad-blocking.
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Convenience and control
We offer Wi-Fi systems that allow to use an application on your smart phone to monitor usage, check data usage, grant access to guests.
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Internet of Things (IoT) and Home Automation
We optimize your home network to securely and reliably work with IoT devices like cameras, thermostats, alarms, appliances, light switches, door locks, etc.
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Wi-Fi that adapts to you
You can set up several distinct home networks with distinct rules, security and schedules. For instance, you could have one network for parents, one for kids, one for guests and one for entertainment/home automation.

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