3Com NBX V3000 IP Telephony Solution RoHS Compliant 3C10600B



  • RoHS Compliant


The 3Com 3C10600B NBX V3000 Analog IP Telephony Solution, includes call management, NBX Voice Mail, four (4) analog FXO ports, one (1) analog FXS port and 15 NBX Group 2 Phone Licenses all in one easy-to-manage platform. The NBX V3000 solution manages all incoming and outgoing call traffic, embedded application hosting such as call detail reporting, gateway connectivity, and telephony adjunct connectors for MoH (3.5mm phone plug), and Paging (RJ11). Base package includes support for 250 NBX devices (expandable to 1,500 devices with additional device licenses and memory upgrade), support for 11 languages, a site license for NBX IP On-the-Fly, and four (4) ports/400 hours of NBX Voice Mail. Interfaces: one (1) 10/100 uplink port, one (1) system hard disk, one (1) autosensing 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz AC power supply and one (1) eight-foot power cord (country type must be specified on the order). Also includes one (1) port of the following applications: ConneXtions, pcXset, NBX Media Driver, Virtual Tie Line. Additional memory required to support SIP call control (3C10240). This product is a direct replacement for the 3C10600A


  • Software Level: V6.0 Code
  • Device Capacity: 250 devices standard, and is expandable to 1500 devices with purchase of device licenses (3C10317, 3C10287, 3C10325) and 512MB memory upgrade (3C10240)
  • Trunk Capacity: 750
  • Auto Attendant/Voicemail Capacity: 4 auto-attendant/voice mail ports/400 hours standard, and expandable to 12 AA/VM ports without 512MB memory upgrade and expandable to 72 AA/VM ports with the 512MB memory upgrade
  • VTL Capacity: Requires purchase of separate VTL licenses. NBX V3000 supports 8 VTL ports without 512MB memory upgrade and 48 VTL ports with 512MB memory upgrade
  • Built-in Analog CO Line Ports: Four (4)
  • Built-in Analog Device Ports: One (1)
  • Group 2 Phone Licenses: Fifteen (15) – 3C10402A Phone can be ordered here
  • IP on the Fly: Included with the NBX V3000
  • Demo licenses: There is one free user license of pcXset, one free port of NBX Media Driver (WAV port), and one free port of ConneXtions embedded on the NBX V3000. Note that the demo port is not added to additional ports you may purchase in the future. (For example, if you want 7 NBX Media Driver ports, you must purchase seven ports, not six ports.)
  • NBX V3000 512MB Memory Upgrade Kit (3C10240): 512MB Memory upgrade kit required in addition to system capacity upgrade licenses beyond 250 devices (3C10317, 3C10287, 3C10325) One memory upgrade allows V3000 system to operate up to a maximum of 1500 devices. Memory compatible with NBX V3000 system only. Click here (PDF, 120KB) for installation instructions.
  • NBX V3000 Hard Drive FRU (3C10118A): Replacement 20MB hard disk FRU enabling a customer to replace a faulty NBX V3000 system disk and eliminate costly downtime waiting for a service technician to replace the drive and restore system operation. Click here (PDF, 152KB) for installation instructions.
  • NBX V3000 Chassis FRU (3C10241): Replacement chassis FRU enabling a customer to replace a faulty NBX V3000 chassis without returning hard drive assembly eliminating costly downtime waiting for a service technician to replace the drive and restore system operation. Click here (PDF, 223KB) for installation instructions.
  • NBX 100/ SS3 NBX V5000 Upgrade Utility: Although all 3Com IP phones, boards and chassis can be utilized on the NBX V3000, the NBX 100/SS3 NBX database upgrade utility will not be available on NBX V3000 until NBX Release 5.0.

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