3Com NBX 100 Call Processor 32M Memory Upgrade CT8M32E2M6



  • Manages all incoming and outgoing call traffic
  • 90 Day Warranty


The CT8M32E2M6 memory requirement for the NBX 100 prior to V2.6.8  was only 32 MB RAM, however you will need 64MB of RAM for software versions V2.6.8 or above. The NBX 100 systems that shipped with software below V2.6.8 only came with 32MB of RAM and will need the CT8M32E2M6 memory upgrade to support software V2.6.8 or higher.  NBX 100 systems that shipped with V2.6.8 or higher, already have the 64MB of RAM There are a couple of ways to tell how much memory you have installed – easy (but least accurate) is to look in Netset under System Settings you will see Free Memory – if this is less the 15,000,000 than you most likely have only 32 MB RAM. You can also tell by watching the bootup process through the Console (CLI). Finally you can pull the top off (2 screws) and look at the NCP which is always the top module – if there is one SIMM than it is 32 MB, if there are 2 SIMMs than it is 64 MB.



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