3Com Ethernet Power Source (EPS) – 24 Port 3C10222



  • Allows older non-PE phones to work with Ethernet Power Source EPS
  • EPS supports 3Com NBX business telephones and 3Com AirConnect wireless access points
  • Supplies centralized power directly to 3Com Ethernet devices over LAN cabling


The 3C10222 3Com Ethernet power sources (EPS) let companies with NBX telephones or 3Com wireless access points connect and power these devices from a single location using their LAN cabling. With the EPS located in a secure wiring closet or other central location, you can easily access and manage the distribution of power to devices throughout your organization. EPS eliminates the need for a local power outlet and power cable for each device. One wire provides both 10/100BASE-T connectivity and power, freeing power outlets for other electronic equipment. The EPS uses two ports per phone.  On port connects to your network switch and the 2nd port plugs into the female side of the 3C10223 power Spliter cable.  The other side of the power Splitter cable (both power and RJ45) plug into the non-POE ready phone.



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Weight 1 kg