K-12 Education:

BACK TO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS Means Back to School for IT!

Does Your Communications System Deserve an A+?

Between students, teachers, and parents, there’s a lot to take into consideration to ensure a successful and safe school year. Having a reliable unified communications solution for your school can not only provide safety for your students and faculty, but it can also help you increase efficiencies and improve teacher, parent, and student relationships.

School Safety Communication Systems:

Safety First

 A safe learning environment is a top priority for educational institutions. Proactive communication capabilities are essential to keeping students and faculty safe and aware of potential dangers. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Does your school’s phone system make it easy to report emergencies?

Your phone system should make it as easy as possible to seek help and alert authorities to crisis situations. For example, Enhanced 911 (E911) standards enable police departments to instantly identify the location of a caller to accelerate response times.

  • 2. How do you alert students and faculty of emergencies?

If a crisis situation occurs, schools need to inform everyone on campus of the situation and provide guidance to help them stay safe. Mitel Mass Notification (MMN) should be flexible to avoid over-communication and offer the ability to act quickly on critical “code-red" emergencies, but also provide less pressing “code-blue" alerts.

Omaha Communications can help you implement an emergency notification system that will make your school safer and give you and your staff peace of mind

Flexibility to Adapt

Having a unified communications solution that can scale on-demand and evolve over time is critical to ensure a lasting investment. Mitel connect can scale from 5 to 5000 users and can run on either dedicated Voice Appliances or on virtual servers in your VMware environment.

So, you can start your communications roll out with just one school and expand to the entire district without changing your hardware, servers, software license or user interface. You can also seamlessly add applications to expand functionality. A phone system that allows you to evolve over time will not only protect your investment, but also offer more customization options. Custom solutions can help streamline and automate communications processes, such as staff reminders or weather cancellation alerts, making it easier for you to communicate with your faculty, students and parents.

Seamless User Experience  

Schools have other communications needs aside from their phone system. Between emails, phone calls and students, there’s a lot to juggle. Modern unified communications solutions deliver intuitive user experience and seamless integrations with solutions like Microsoft Outlook or Google G Suite, so you can prioritize your students and focus less on making the software work. By having a VoIP phone system that lets you quickly access your calendar and place a call, you can eliminate wasted time flipping back and forth between screens.

As you and your IT teams roll into another school year and begin exploring new technology projects that will meet the demanding needs of your faculty, students and parents, don’t forget to take a close look at your own phone system to see there is an opportunity to migrate to a new solution that will work for you and not against you.

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