Telephony Solutions for K-12 Schools & School Districts

Omaha Communications has served the technology needs of the K-12 Education market for 25 years and has provided schools with telephony solutions since 2000. Over the years, we have serviced thousands of school customers and have installed phones systems in hundreds of schools nationwide. Experience is a huge part of why we are your best option when selecting and designing the phone system or telephony solution that best suits your schools needs. 

Let’s face it! Schools are not like other businesses so why do other phone vendors treat them the same. Schools and School Districts have special needs when addressing things like telephone systems, voicemail, and paging with a large push toward Safety.  Meeting the special needs of schools takes the skills and experience that Omaha Communications’ engineers can provide.

Here are some of the special services that we
provide for the K-12 Education Market:

School Phone Systems

Premise Based Phone Systems

Phone Systems that are located at the customer facility, consisting of hardware and software typically maintained by customer or vendor.

Cloud Based Phone Systems

Phone Systems that are located in the Cloud and the only component at the customer facility is the actual phones. All software and maintenance is included and handled by the provider.

School Safety

Emergency Notification

Alerts via Desktop Application, SMS Text, Email and Phone Call when a 911 call is placed in the system notifying all responsible parties of the location of the call.

Intercom Integration

We can integrate your paging system into the telephone system. Making system wide paging from any phone easy and efficient.

Call Recording

This feature allows you to record all calls.  This feature is great for documenting troubling phone calls or conversations.  It is also helpful in reporting threats or threatening phone calls to law enforcement.

Automated Outbound Calling Campaigns

Programmable Outbound Call Campaigns are as simple as recording a scripted call and plugging in a list of numbers to call and the system will do the rest.  Great for school closings or other required notifications.

School Productivity

Voicemail with Email Notification

All staff and Teachers can have a voicemail box with voicemail to email. This feature does not require a desk phone for those users that simply need a voicemail box and no phone.  Great option for teachers who move around.

Inbound Call Scheduling by User

This gives the ability to apply a schedule to each user for accepting inbound calls so that teachers can focus on teaching during class times without interruption.
This still allows internal calls to ring through just fine.

School Mobility Solutions

Mobility App for SmartPhones

Simply load the App on your smart phone and your cell phone can be your desk phone too. Outbound calls will show your school caller id rather than your cell phone and inbound calls will ring just like your desk phone with all the same functionality.  This can leverage School Wifi to avoid cell phone charges.

Wifi Solutions for Schools 

Faster, more dependable Wi-Fi connectivity that’s affordable is fundamental. It must cover large campuses, yet reach every corner of a classroom. It must support multimedia applications while providing secure connectivity for staff, students, and guests.


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