Phone Systems for Law Firms

Omaha Communications understands the complex needs of today’s law firm.

The benefits of having an advanced phone system in a law firm.

It is  also critical for law firms to maintain a polished and professional image Law is a competitive field, and clients have many options to choose from when it comes to legal counsel. Having features like a virtual receptionist, ring groups, conference bridges and call routing options lets you put your best foot forward for current and potential clients.

Seamless Call Swap to Any Device

Attorneys cannot be tethered to their desks. Our solutions systems let your associates and partners continue to conduct billable time on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Seamlessly transfer your calls between desk phone and mobile devices, and back again with the touch of one button.

  • No disruption during transition

  • Ability to transfer from a mobile call back to your desktop when you return to the office.

  • The “call swap” feature is one of our most popular on our mobility app.

  • Determine how incoming calls are handled.

  • Calls can be routed to a live receptionist or directly to an auto-attendant for proper routing.

  • Create employee groups to receive calls from specific numbers, based on the time of day or call volume.

  • Route calls for after-hours schedules and locations.

Control Your Call Routing

Seamlessly Connect Multiple Locations

  • Connect multiple branch offices, teleworkers and mobile devices using our Unified Phone System

  • Enable your locations to appear within a single management interface as a unified system.

  • We support all of the top mobile and desktop devices whether you have an Android or iOS device, or a Windows or Apple OS computers.

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