SIP Trunks

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There are many benefits associated with SIP trunking, but two of the biggest are the cost savings and flexibility it offers to support business growth.


With SIP trunking, a call is routed through your current VoIP phone system or PBX using signaling information so your VoIP phone system or PBX knows where to send it. There is nothing additional to configure at your end, provided you have the aforementioned connection to the Internet and SIP-compatible VoIP phone system or PBX.


SIP Trunks work with both newer VoIP phone systems and legacy "traditional" TDM phone systems as well.

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A SIP phone system is a great way to gain cloud benefits while maintaining control over your on-premise PBX solution. It blends the best of both worlds to reduce costs and support future growth.
How SIP Trunking Adds Value
1. Improved Business Continuity
2. On-Demand Scalability
3. Pair with Unified Communications (UC) Solutions
4. Easy Implementation & Management
5. Consolidation of Vendors
6. A Better User Experience
7. Improved Productivity
8. High Satisfaction Levels