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Omaha Communications has a long history of innovating for our customers

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Omaha Communications has a long history of innovating for our customers

Omaha Communication Home Services Overview

As homes have becomes more and more smart they more and more require the expertise and experience in technology which we have developed at Omaha Communications while serving our “corporate” clients.

We can install or upgrade your home wired OR wireless network. We can help secure your network to protect you from hackers and “intruders”. We can also install “premise Security at your home include video doorbells, security cameras, monitored alarm systems to protect against fire and intrusion.

Omaha Communications is your place to go for “DIFM” (Do It For Me) Services.

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Whole Home Wired Networks

The Home Network is the heart and brain of the “Smart Home”. Omaha Communications  can install your core network and wire your home network.

Wireless can do a lot in today’s smart home. But wired networks still play an important role in the “core” and connecting the new universe off the IoT (the “Internet of Things”). Many times devices require wired connections (like Tivos) or IoT devices that are powered over Ethernet (POE). Sometimes you just want the increased reliability and speed of a hardwired connection.

Whatever the need Omaha Communications will be happy to apply our over 25 years of experience wiring up businesses and enterprise to wire up your home.

Our Packages

Starting at
  • Why Do I Need A VPN?
  • Installation on up to 5 devices. Supported devices include Windows, Macintosh, iPhone and Android
  • Includes 3 year subscription allowing up to 6 simultaneous protected connections.
  • Installation on up to 5 devices included (must be in one session – and at OC offices)
  • Additional devices $25/each
  • Onsite services – additional $150 (have your devices configured in the comfort and privacy of your own home).
  • *** Note – want whole home wireless with a whole home VPN – click here. ***
Home Automation & Security
Starting at
  • Home Automation, Home Security, Security cameras and Alarm Install
  • Install Ring Doorbell - $99.00 **
  • Install Ring Security cameras starting at $99.00**
  • Install Ring Security System with Monthly Remote Monitoring (Starting at $295**)
  • Remote Door Locks (control from anywhere with an Android or IoS devices)
  • Remote Garage Door Openers (control from anywhere with Android or IoS devices)
Whole Home Wireless Network
Starting at
  • Advantages of Whole Home Wireless
  • Install Whole Home Wireless Network with Enterprise Quality Equipment
  • Coverage in Medium Homes (up to 3000 SF) - $500
  • Coverage in large homes (3000-5000sf) - $750
  • Add a whole home Wireless A/P with whole home VPN for $195.