Why do you need a VPN?

  1. Security when using public WiFi
    1. Access to public WiFi is a necessity nowadays, using a VPN to encrypt your connections is vital. We use public WiFi in stores, dining venues, hotels, or even the doctor’s office or when we get an oil change. If you use these networks without a VPN the information you send over the network is wide open to hackers – include your credit cards and other private information. Of course, you should also use a reliable anti-virus program to get the best results. Otherwise, hackers might manage to exploit the public WiFi network’s connections and steal your data.
    2. Our VPN uses 256 bit AES encryption to secure your connections to public WiFi servers. This is military grade encryption.
  2. Your VPN can enhance your privacy at home when using your protected WiFi or standard wired networks. Without a VPN the sites you visit can gather a huge amount of data about you – including where you are located and your IP address. A VPN will restore your privacy at home. The VPN also encrypts all your online traffic and “conceals’ your locations. As a result, nobody will manage to decipher where you are, or what you are doing online.
  3. A VPN helps protect your critical financial data – bank account details, passwords, credit card info or sensitive email contents. Today we are using our smartphones and tablets to connect to the web outside our homes and offices on a regular basis. A VPN will simply ensure that we’re doing that in a secure and private manner.
  4. VPN Geolocation advantages
  5. Using a VPN you can stream content not otherwise available in your geographic market (like getting the next season of Fauda months before everyone else).
  6. Using the anonymity of a VPN you can download torrents (or any file) with greater privacy.
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